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GSM Fixed Wireless Phone MW-19
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GSM Fixed Wireless Phone MW-19

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Introduction :
Frequency: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Large LCD operation interface
Various language display
Long battery stand-by and talking time
LI Battery 1000mah
Weight: FWP: 300g; Full set with AC adapter, antenna and box: 400g
Colors: White / Black optional


GSM Fixed Wireless Phone MW-19


1.Hand free

2.Speed dial

3.Voice + SMS

4.Two-way SMS

5.Elegant design

6.Volume adjustable

7.Emergency calls

8.Caller ID display

9.Industrial grade GSM module

10.Large LCD operation interface

11.Backlight LCD with status icons

12.Clear voice, stable capability

13.Various language display

14.Alarm&Calender&Calculator function

15.Long battery stand-by and talking time

16.SIM Locked, Network Locked, Phone locked, etc.

17.Large-capacity phone books and call records

18.Menu driven interface for easy operation and configuration

19.Applies to E-GSM 900/1800MHz mobile communication network

20.Incoming and called numbers memory(Includes number, time, duration, etc.)

21.Call Waiting, Call divert,Call barring,Call time reminder(per minute),Auto redial

22. optional FM Radio function



1) Air interface standard: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz phase 2+ 

2) Frequency ranges 

a) GSM 900        I) Transmission: 890 - 915MHz            ii) Reception: 935 - 960MHz 

b) GSM 1800      I) Transmission: 1,710 - 1,785MHz    ii) Reception: 1,805 - 1,880MHz 

3) Channel space: 200KHz 

4) Max power: 0.25W / 0.5W 

5) Consumptiona) Immobility: less than 25mAb) Transmission: less than 400mA 

6) Sensitivity: -105dB 

7) Surrounding temperature: -10 degree - +40 degree 

8) Relative humidity: 45% - 90% (without frost) 

9) Atmosphere pressure: 86 - 106Kpa 

10) Environment noise: <60dB 

11) Antenna amplifying: 3.5dB (omni directional), 12dB (certain direction/ chosen direction) 

12) AC power: DC 5V 1A 

13) Connector of power: US or European type( selectable) 

14) LI Battery 1000mah

15) Dimensions (L x W x H) (average): 230 x 180 x 60mm 

16) Weight: FWP: 300g; Full set with AC adapter, antenna and box: 400g 

17) Colors: White / Black optional 

18) Antenna connection: One-body fixed antenna/ TNC antenna optional 

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