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GSM/CDMA Coin Payphone MX-560
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GSM/CDMA Coin Payphone MX-560

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Introduction :
The GSM/CDMA Indoor Coin-Operated Payphone – MX-560/MX-560 is a good choice to provide convenient communication in indoor environments where GSM/CDMA wireless connection is more accessible than PSTN, e.g. pubs, restaurants, hotels.
The stylish design and superior performance are built to encourage usage in the countries or regions that prefer payment via coins.
Adding to the support from our versatile Remote Management System (RMS), operators can manage the payphones more efficiently and economically via a PC.



- Capable to make or receive calls and send short messages via valid coins and free calls are configurable to make without payment;

- Function keys for follow-on calls, redial, volume regulation, shift of languages and speed dial;

- Dynamical display of duration and charge during a call and signal strength;

- Complete visual prompts and tones offer a friendly operation instruction;

- Screen messages support 6 different languages that can be switched by button and customized in the RMS or loaded via the loading card;

- Allowed or banned dialing numbers can be set;

- Flexible control method of incoming calls via payphone prompt tone, tariff or call length;

- Large backlit LCD to display scrolling text ads and graphic ads easily;

- Complete self-diagnosis system to timely send messages to the RMS for error and recovery state.


- Built-in rechargeable batteries ensure continuous operation upon power interruption;

- Modular structure makes maintenance easy;

- Constructed of durable ABS plastic;

- Can be wall or desktop mounted;

- Support smart refund of coins to guarantee customer’s benefit;

- Professional coin passage design to prevent coin stolen or fraud;

- Excellent coin-learning ability to recognize fake coins and easily accept newly-issued coins without changing both hardware and software;

- Optimized electronic coin handling system to minimize coin jam and recognize up to 15 different coins;

- Support discount on call charges and complex tariff setting;

- Support automatically taking standby tariff setting into use at a specific time;

- Program and data can be updated via a loading card inserted in the RJ45 jack on main board when the RMS is unavailable;

- Query and modification of control parameters are protected by 2 levels of password.


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