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4G Outdoor Router OWR-101
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4G Outdoor Router OWR-101

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Introduction :
LTE parameters
Standard and Frenquency
IEEE802.11b/g/n Standards
Plastic Shell


4G LTE ODU Router with POE OWR-101

High light
Waterproof and dustproof level. IP66
Lightning protection
Antenna gain. 13DBi
Application design
Adopts high performance wireless module
Using high performance professional routing communication processor
Adopts plastic mould, enhance the structure protection and more light. The plastic shell is isolated securely to the system.
 Power input (POE 12V & 24V)
Stable and reliable
Ethernet interface built-in 2KV electromagnetic isolation protection
SIM Card ESD protection design
The Reset button ESD protection design
Power supply built-in fuse protection circuit
Standard and easy-using
Provides standard Ethernet port and Wi-Fi access, is able to directly connect the Ethernet devices and Wi-Fi devices.
Easy and flexible to use, several work modes for selection
OpenWRT system
Convenient and practical WEB design, is easy for operate system configuration
Powerful function
Support easy connection mode, 3G/LTE network
Support VPN client (PPTP, L2TP, IPSEC )
Support remote management, SYSLOG, SNMP, TELNET, SSH,TR-069 and so on
Support local and remote online update, import and export configuration file
Can clone VLAN, MAC address
Support WiFi 802.11b/g/n, WiFi AP and AP client
Support WiFi encryption methods like WEP, WPA, WPA2 and so on
Support APN/VPDN
DHCP server and DHCP client, DHCP binding MAC address, DDNS, firewall and NAT DMZ host, QoS, traffic statistics, real-time display data transmission rate functions and so on
Support TCP/IP, UDP, FTP, HTTP network protocol
Support SPI firewall, VPN through, access control, URL fi3Gring
Product Specification
LTE parameters
Standard and Frenquency    
4G LTE router.
OWR-101  V2/4G
Version A:
      LTE FDD. B2,4,5,17
      UMTS. 850/1900MHz     
 Version E:
     LTE FDD. B1,3,7,8,20
     LTE TDD B38, B40
     UMTS. 900/2100MHz     
     GSM. 900/1800MHz
Version C
    LTE FDD. B1,3,7,8
    LTE TDD B38, B39, B40, B41
    UMTS. 900/2100MHz
    TD-SCDMA. 1880~1920MHz & 2010~2025MHz    
   GSM. 900/1800MHz
Version JC
   LTE FDD. B1,B3,B8,B18,B19
   LTE TDD. B41
   UMTS. B1,B6,B8
   GSM. 900/1800MHz
Version JE
   LTE FDD. B1,B8
   UMTS. B1,B8
  GSM. 900/1800MHz
Version CE
  LTE FDD. B1,3,8
  LTE TDD B38, B39, B40, B41
  UMTS. 900/2100MHz
 TD-SCDMA. 1880~1920MHz & 2010~2025MHz  
 GSM. 900/1800MHz
Version SA
 LTE-FDD B1/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B28
 LTE-TDD B38/B40/B41
3G router.
 OWR-101 V2/3G
 WCDMA. 850/1900MHz , 900/2100MHz
 GSM. 850/900/1800/1900MHz
 Note. We can provide customized frequency bands for the customer.
Data rates       4G LTE router
 FDD LTE. DL,100Mbps  UL,50Mbps
 TDD LTE. DL,50Mbps   UL,25Mbps
 WCDMA. DL 42Mbps   UL,5.76Mbps
 TD-SCDMA.  DL 2.8Mbps  UL 2.2Mbps
 LTE Category 4 - 150 Mbps (DL)
 LTE Category 4 - 50 Mbps (UL)
 3G router.
 WCDMA. DL 14.4Mbps, UL 5.76Mbps
Tx Power:
 Class 4 (2W): GSM850,EGSM900
 Class 1 (1W): DCS1800,PCS1900
 Class E2 (0.5W): GSM850,EGSM900
 Class E1 (0.4W): DCS1800,PCS1900
 Class 3 (0.25W): WCDMA, Class 2 (0.25W):TD-SCDMALTE:
 Class 3 (0.25W): LTE
Rx Sensitivity:
 GPRS multi-slot class 12
 EDGE multi-slot class 12
 UMTS R99 speed: 384 kbps DL/UL
 HSPA+: 5.76 Mbps(UL), 42 Mbps(DL)
 TD-HSDPA/HSUPA: 2.2 Mbps(UL), 2.8 Mbps(DL)
 LTE Category 3 - 100 Mbps (DL)
 LTE Category 3 - 50 Mbps (UL)
WiFi parameters
Standard         IEEE802.11b/g/n Standards
Theoretical Bandwidth   IEEE802.11b/g:upto 54Mbps
IEE802.11n:upto 150Mbps
Security Encryption Support WEP,WPA,WPA2 encryption ways
Tx Power 14 dBm(11g),17 dBm(11b),14dBm(11n)
Rx Sensitivity   <-70 dBm@54Mpbs
Hardware System
CPU Professional Routing Processor
FLASH      16MB
DDR2       64MB
LAN Two 10/100M Ethernet ports (RJ45 socket), adaptive MDI/MDIX, built-in 2KV electromagnetic isolation protection, one port used for POE power supply
Indicator  “RF signal”*3,“GPS”, “SIM”, “WIFI”, “LAN”*2
Antenna Interface   4G*2: Internal antenna, the characteristic impedance 50Ω
WIFI(optional)*2: Internal antenna, the characteristic impedance 50Ω
GPS(optional): Internal antenna, the characteristic impedance 50Ω
SIM/UIM Standard draw card interface, support 1.8V/3V SIM/UIM card, built-in ESD protection
Power      POE power supply
Reset      With this button, the parameters of the ROUTER configuration can be restored to the factory
Power supply
Item Content
Standard Power      POE 12V/24V
Working current      (max)
Physical Feature
Item Content
Case        Plastic Shell
Size  166mm*163mm*97mm
Weight     498g
Item Content
Operating Temperature -40~+75
Storage Temperature     -40~+80
Relative Humidity   0%~95%

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