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GSM Fixed Wireless Phone MW-15
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GSM Fixed Wireless Phone MW-15

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Introduction :
MW-15 GSM Wireless phone has been designed to operate with the latest GSM digital communication technology. The GSM technology has many advanced features .


Congratulations on your purchase of the GSM Fixed Wireless Phone (Hereinafter referred to as Phone). The Phone has been designed to operate with the latest digital communication technology which has many advanced features and provides an excellent voice quality.

The Phone has advanced features as follows:

Large, easy to read, backlight LCD with status icons;

Choice ring sounds, Power On/Off;

Two Way SMS, Voice Mail and caller ID;

Support limited outgoing or incoming;

Show or hide called numbers

Lock card, lock national call, lock phone;

Large ergonomically designed Keyboard;

Long Battery stand-by and talk time;

Menu driven interface for easy operation and configuration;

Last Number Redial;

Adjustable ring and voice volume;

AC Power Supply;

Speaker Phone;

Optional accessories available for greater convenience and enhanced functionality;

Easy Service and Repair.

Technical Specifications of MW-15 Host

RF Receive sensitivity

RF receive sensitivity Frequency Receive sensitivity GSM850 < -106dBm

E-GSM900 < -106dBm

DCS1800 < -104dBm

PCS1900 < -104dBm

RF receive/transmit frequency

Frequency Receive Transmit

GSM850 869 ~ 894MHz 824 ~ 849 MHz

E-GSM900 925 ~ 960MHz 880 ~ 915MHz

DCS1800 1805 ~ 1880MHz 1710 ~ 1785MHz

PCS1900 1930 ~ 1990MHz 1850 ~ 1910MHz

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