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Dual Band Repeater SGD/SGU-5055
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Dual Band Repeater SGD/SGU-5055

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Introduction :
The Dual Band Indoor Repeater is ideally suitable for providing and /or improving cellular reception not only voice, also high data rate communication like HSPA/HSPA + (mobile internet).
Iis super amplification and high quality, intuit installation makes DIY easily which is suitable for home. office, coffe shop shop indoor.



1.GSM/DCS full dual band operation (SGD-5055)

2.2G/3G/HSPA/HSPA+ full dual band operation (SGU-5055)

3.DIY Kit, All accessories included

4. Coverage : 3000 ft2 (300 m2), 5000ft2(500m2)( by using optional antenna)

                                                        SGD-5055                            SGU-5055

   Cell phone system                    GSM + DCS                      GSM+WCDMA


    UPLINK                                      GSM 890-915 Mhz              GSM 890-915  Mhz

    Downlink                                            935-960 MHz                        935-960   MHz


 UPLINK                        DCS   1710-1785MHZ        WCDMA 1920-1980 MHZ

 DOWNLINK                            1805-1880 MHZ              2110-2170 MHZ


   Bandwidth                              GSM: 25Mhz   DCS:75MHZ      WCDMA:60MHz

   Gain                                        Uplink 50dB/Downlink 50dB (cellular band)

                                                   Uplink  55dB/Downlink 55dB (PCS band)

    Gain Variation                                   3dB

   Noise Figure                                      uplink   8.0dB / downlink      8.0dB

   OICP-3                                               uplink   34dBm / downlink   20dBm

    P1dB                                                 uplink  26dBm / downlink   12dBm

    V.S.Q.R                                             2.0:1

     RF Power output                            uplink  17dBm / Down link 2 dBm.

   Power supply                                     90-240VAC 50-60Hz   12.2VDC  1.0A(max).

    AGC dymanic                                   20dB(typ)(both TX,RX port and Cellular, PCS band)

   Spurious and IMD                             -20dBm



Size dimensions                           4.2 x11.5x 19.3 cm( H*W*D)

 RF connector                               outdoor ANT side F(F) , indoor ANT side:TNC(F)

  Weight                                            0.7kg(appro.)

  Case material                               ABS plastic material     FR94VO

  Installation                                     Wall or ceiling mount or set on the cabinet




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