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WiFi repeater WR-2427M(0.5W)
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WiFi repeater WR-2427M(0.5W)

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Introduction :
The Maxcomm WiFi indoor Repeater WR-2427M(0.5W)
is ideally suited dor providing and/or improving WiFi receptio in office, torre, coffee stop and facility Area. It is gain setting with indicator makes the end user very easy to set the repeater at 54 Mbps with maximum indoor coverage..
Compared to the traditional fixed gain Wi-Fi repeater which can not be adjust rhe gain causes high reception bar, yield low data rate on the notebook computer due to its saturated, non linear output power.



Gain setting adjustable with level’d indicator for 54 Mbps and maximum coverage.

Cable extension range up to 15-23m by using CATV 75Ohm,

Used with splitter(option) offers two out port.:

The original AP service area and one extended service area simultaneously.

Linear 0.5w output @OFDM 54Mbps,2500mw EIAP(with 7dB/ ANT)



Tx Power: 27 dBm@OFDM54Mbps

Tx Gain:18dB (typ.)

Tx Gain setting Range : 7 dB

Rx Gain: 16 dB

Power Supply: 15.5V   0.8A DC



Wi-Fi Repeater Kit including:

Main Unit WR-2427M

SMA(MR)-F(F) adaptor

15.5V AC-DC adaptor

5dBi Indoor Omni directional Antena



repeater installation.JPGWR-2427M-2.JPG

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